26th Apr 2016

Slight change in price of some of our services

We will like to inform you of slight change in price of some  services. You must have noticed already slight increase mainly on  .org, and .biz. The both(.org & .biz) prices has been increased by N100 more only. Although there are still some slight changes (increase or deduction) in price on some other TLD(s). You will notice very slight ...

22nd Jul 2015

Important notice about our prices starting from Thursday(July 23, 2015)

Due to the huge increase in exhange rate to US Dollars, We will be updating the pricing for some of our domain names as you know we lease out these domain names in US Dollars. The exchange rate to naira at the point of sending this mail is about N230(Naira) to 1 US Dollars. We have ensured that this increase is very litle and affordable (domains ...